The Fire Felon

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I have been infatuated with fire since before I can remember. My parents raised me in West Virginia, about an hour from Morgantown. We lived in a very rural are and went camping often. I remember waking early on family outings to tend the tiny coals of the previous night's campfire back to a roaring glory. Thanks to my family, I grew up with a deep love of the arts. I found the flow scene in 2009 and I've spent the past 12 years honing my skills, 7 of which have been in the professional entertainment world. I've had dozens of teachers, hundreds of gigs, and thousands of practice hours. Using intense modern performances, I will mesmerize and captivate, and create experiences not soon forgotten.

Notable Clients: Georgia Southern University, Sack Lunch (Slide the City and Lantern Fest), the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Trans-Allegany Insane Asylum, Snowshoe Mountian Resort, Steve McClatchy, Music to Your Ears Productions (Holla Yella 2022), Preston High School, Skull Creek Boathouse, the City of Granville, Haunted Majestic and Spirit Halloween.

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Talent Card

Art Type:

Fire & Flow Artist


Pittsburgh, United States of America


Fire Acts

Events Type:

Hotels & Restaurants, Clubs & Pubs, Wedding, Festival, Public Event, Cruise Ship, Corporate Event, Children Birthday, Private Party, Bachelor Party, Exhibition



Group Members

Casey Sutton

Organization, fire breathing/eating, fire effects, devil sticks, dragon staff, double staff

Mariah Hines

Burlesque, fire hoop, palm torches

Emily Sutton

Poi dance fusion

Aaron Simpson

Contact Ball, Poi, whips, contact staff, yo-yo champion

Simeon Spotswood

Juggling/poi while on slack line, flow master extraordinaire


Performer at Haunted Majestic

Fire Event Organizer and Performer for the Town of Granville

Resident Performer and Fire Event Organizer for Music To Your Ears Productions

Fire Event Organizer and Performer for Snowshoe Mountian Resort

Fire Event Organizer and Performer for Georgia Southern University


  • Indoor Show Rider
  • 15' minimum ceiling height
  • I recommend venue owner, hiring organization/hiring persons and/or promoter,
  • consider hiring a fire suppression team from the
  • Local FD.
  • Permit Rider
  • Venue owner, hiring organization/hiring persons and/or promoter, are required to acquire any permits necessary. If permits are not attained, and citations are issued, these named parties will be responsible for the cost of said citations.
  • Space Rider
  • 15'x15' MINIMUM space requirements (bigger is always better)


Full Burn Session


Per Hour


Insurance Fuel for event Multiple styles of props + large flames/ flamefx Our practice time Safety person Costuming/makeup If necessary: Sound System (good for about 300 people) Songs sound operator

No of sets:



Milage - up to 120 miles away is free, after that it's $0.50 per mile. Lodging - only for long events far from home, or multi-day events.


USD 1200 /hour

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Will you perform rain or shine?

We love the rain! But only to an extent. If safety becomes jeopardized from slick tools or high winds we will have no choice but to cancel. We can work with you on an amicable solution following a cancelation.

Are you insured?

Each member has their own policy through Specialty Insurance Agency. It is a million dollar liability, 2 million general aggregate policy totalling 5 and 10 million respectively for the full group.

Do you perform indoors?

Possibly. Really it depends on the space, ventilation, floor/wall/ceiling material, and a few other things. We do offer a cheaper LED option if the space doesn't allow for fire!

The Fire Felon